High standards & quality check

At the Toddler House Nursery we maintain high standards and keep a close check on the quality of education delivered. Our guidelines, policies and plans are improvised to suit the requirements and regulations of the ministry of labour and social affairs in Qatar. Our in house Professional Development training sessions are built into the Academic Calender and teachers are regularly monitored and mentored to deliver their best.

About The Toddler House Nursery

At Toddler House Nursery, Izghawa Al Gharaffa we aspire to provide a modern and safe environment for children aged 2 months to 4 years. Our experienced staff provide children with an opportunity to learn, grow, play and explore. We endeavor to provide opportunities to nurture a well-rounded personality in your child. Education being an ongoing process and a shared responsibility between home and nursery; we encourage parents to be our partners in this exciting journey with their children.