At The Toddler House Nursery we see children as unique little people who are curious and ready-to-learn. We believe in a strong three way partnership between child, parents and teachers to encourage positive learning and development of each and every little person.

Our Focus

Our programme follows the British curriculum which focuses on providing the children with hands on activities and interaction patterns which enables an all round development of the child through visual, kinesthetic and auditory techniques. Our curriculum emphasizes active learning by tapping into the child’s hidden potential and talent and equipping each child to manage learning opportunities. Our main focus at Toddler House Nursery is to impart education for life.

The most important at The Toddler House Nursery:

1. Teacher-Child Ratio
2. Safe and Supportive Classroom
3. Training and Development for Teachers

Our teachers possess qualities which invoke learning supported with values for life along with training and qualifications. They are sure to leave a positive influence on your child

Teacher-Child Ratio

Cradel House
2 months till 1.5 yrs.
1 : 3
Cottage House
1.5 yrs. to 2.6 yrs.
1 : 4
Caravan House
2.7 yrs. to 3.5 yrs.
1 : 6
Castle House
3 yrs. to 4 yrs.
1 : 7

Our objectives at Toddler House Nursery

  • To encourage purposeful learning
  • To enable children to think, create, innovate, experience and solve
  • To provide quality educational experiences within a safe, healthy and stress free environment
  • To create a dynamic learning environment which caters to the child as a whole
  • To foster self-esteem and confidence by developing healthy relationships with adults and other children